Calculate Sentences

Sentence Calculator is the most comprehensive tool of its kind available. It allows registered subscribers to quickly, efficiently, accurately and consistently obtain sentencing results without having to undertake the complex and often redundant computations typically required by this process. Designed to address almost all sentencing possibilities, the system currently encompasses the following jurisdictions and penal codes:

New York Local Sentences Calculators cover all Definite Sentences: Dismissed, Consecutive and Concurrent – including Multiple and Mixed Concurrent and Consecutive Sentences.

New York State Sentences Calculators encompass a full range of nearly 50 Indeterminate and Determinate Sentences contained in the various sections of Article 70 of the New York State Penal Law.

10 Year Felony Calculator assists in:

  • Determining whether a person can or cannot be sentenced as a Predicate / Persistent / Mandatory Felony Offender as in PL 70.04, 70.06, 70.08, 70.07, 70.10, 70.70, 70.71 and 70.80
  • Or whether a person is entitled to judicial diversion in accordance with CPL§ 216.